George Alexander Louis adds to fatalistic number 13

by Anupam V Kapil
Mysteries of destiny, not easy to unravel.

George Louiis should be the fortunate name, not George Alexander Louis which brings the fatalistic vibration of number 13.

Is George Alexander Louis the best name for newborn royal? Does it bode well for him and the royalty?  George Alexander Louis which adds to 76=7+6=13, and considering that 13 is never considered a good number in the Kabala  and the western world, as it brings sudden change of plans and place,  it would certainly be advisable for the name to be    even George Alexander adding to kabala number 56 is not a much happy name as it suggest conflicts with the spouse when he grows up. Remember the famous example of Napoleons Buonaparte who added to a favourable kabala number 10 and after he dropped the u from his name  on his coronation as Emperor, his Kabala number changed to 13 and we all know his fall started from there after he was imprisoned at St Helena's.

Just George  Louiis( with double I adding to Kabala number 46 would be excellent to bring a good love life with good ambitions and steady progress.

Kate Middleton whose Kabala name also adds to 13 must also add another N in her surname to be Kate Middletonn bringing the favourable vibration of Kabala number 54 which shall bring riches and eloquence.

The new born price has brought much cheer to Brits and has invited world wide attention, but make no mistake, this is surely Lady Diana reborn. According to Vedic astrology both the royal child and Diana are Scorpio ascendant s too with a secretive personality and mass public appeal too. We have already emphasised earlier that the numbers of Lady Diana's death on 31.8.1997 which reduced comes to code 4.8.8 appear in the royal princes birth date 22.7.2013, 4.7.6 when added come to 17=8 and  22nd=4 which is the same as Diana's death date 31st=4. What is absolutely stunning is that Lady Diana was running her Rahu antardasha when she died and the new royal baby George Alexander Louis was born on the day when his Rahu antardasha got over, what more proof is needed to show continuity of life after death...this is pure mathematics, not mumbai jumbo. 

ŠAnupam V Kapil

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