R o y a l  b a b y  w e l c o m e

by Anupam V Kapil
Mysteries of destiny, not easy to unravel.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's new born son is a case of reincarnation of Lady Diana as she passed away on 31.8.1997 which when reduced to single numbers comes 4.8.8, all the numbers which are present the new born Prince, birthdate 22. 7.2013, fate 4 (22nd) and destiny 8 ( sum reduction of full birthdate), besides both are Cancerians and his karmic planets Saturn and Rahu occupy the 12 th house, the house of life after death and continuity. Just like his grandmom Diana he would be an emotional and secretive guy, also not being understood well by the people, but would be equally popular with the masses like Diana due to Venus occupying his career house. He would be very methodical and supportive of cause of underdogs liking fair play thus inviting enemies due to his non diplomatic nature and also liable to be grossly misunderstood in his personal relationships with the opposite sex like his grandmother Diana who was also a Cancerian. Stars suggest that he would not be much interested in pursuing higher studies as expected of royalties. He would have a special attraction to India as India's Independence Day 15.8.1947 India's destiny number 8 which is also the newborns destiny number.

ŠAnupam V Kapil

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