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History and Evolution of Numerology

History and Evolution of Numerology
(By Anupam V Kapil. copyright: January 2001)

Egyptians perfected the solar (sun and stars) calendar based on 365 days in 2776 BC.The Sumerians and Chinese are credited with creating the original written languages. Initially the Egyptian script was heiroglyphic (pictorial), they later developed phonetic sounds and produced the alphabet. Sumerians also began with pictures and then developed phonetic signs for symbols. Egyptians recognised the need for exact measurements and the science of numbers, and also developed a number system on 10.They used fractions as well as whole numbers and used geometry to fix the boundaries of fields after the floods had subsided. When Sumerians moved into lower Mesopotamia and by 2300 BC the new people invaded Mesopotamia and called it Babylon . These Babylonians were ruled by Hammurabai whose government regulated wages in hours and formed laws to deal with property rights and bankruptcy. Babylonians were proficient in astrology and well known in the ancient world for their agricultural, intellectual and scientific advances. They methodically recorded all information on clay tablets and are thus credited with creating the first recorded astrological system Later on the Assyrians conquered Egypt and had common enemies like the Chaldeans, Persians and Egyptians who defeated them. The Chaldeans who defeated Assyrians made a deep contribution to astrology. About 1000 BC to 700 BC both Egyptian and Babylonian empires were declining. The Phoenocians are given the credit for improving the alphabet which they learnt from Hebrews and Egyptians. It is said that the Greeks, when they first saw the Phonecian paper and signs, refused to touch it fearing it to be magic. Later on they improved upon the alphabet and added vowels sounds. The words ABC come from Alfa and Beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

The Egyptian writing developed about 3000 BC, it was essentially pictured writing. About 1000 BC, the Phonecians, who live near the Mediterranean Sea developed a system of 22 signs. Later the Greeks came into contact with Phonecian traders and about 800 BC modified their symbols to form the Greek alphabet of today. Egypt was conquered by Ceaser in 44 B.C. and the Roman empire ruled the ancient world and the Julian calendar was implemented throughout the Roman empire. By 114 AD the Romans perfected the alphabet to commemorate a memorial column to honour Emperor Trajan. The Romans copied from the Greeks and the Roman calendar is used in the western world today.The letter symbols which we now see trace back to the Romans and Greeks to the improvement of Hebrews and Phonecians. The Hebrews lived in Egypt for several centuries and Moses was their great leader (ALB)-The Phoenecians were the earliest connecting link between India and Mediterranean cultures. The Indus Valley had trade relations with Mesopotamia and Persian Gulf date upto the Buddhist times. Pythagoras widely travelled and studied the teachings of Egyptians, Assyrians and even the Brahmins. Most of the theory is taught by Pythagoreans (religious, mathematical, or philosophical) were known in India in the 6th century BC. Symbols came much later than the alphabet, and soon numbers substituted the letters. In earlier times cavemen used sticks or making marks in the sand for counting purposes. About 580 BC that the Greek philosopher Pythagoras founded an university at Crotona for the esoteric study of numbers. He taught that mathematics, music and astronomy formed the triangle of all arts and sciences and were the basis of all knowledge, for calculations he used arithmetic, and for higher laws in the spiritual plans, he used numerology.

The law of planes andsolids, i.e. geometry was translated into numerology, and science of music included rhythm, harmony and poetry, which were classed as branches of mathematics. He believed that everything was numerical and there was nothing that could not be explained by numbers Ancient Greek philosophers believed that numbers possessed some mysterious power independent of their arithmetical significance. Pythagoreans believed that all things are ascribed to numbers, and in his "Sacred Discourses ‘he said, "Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and is the cause of God's and Demons. Thus we find that Numbers had a real significance and employed in a system of symbol of which had respect to something more than mere enumeration. Pythagorean numerology formed the spiritual basis for many secret societies, such as Rosicrusians, Masons, Anthrosophists and others. During the Christian era astrology was rejected by the Church, and resurfaced in the western world only during the Rensaissance, when it was taught in the universities and revered as a science. There areinstances of existence of numerology in the Bible. Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah when God promised them a child. 'H' is said to be child bearing. Sarah is supposed to have been above the age of child bearing at that time. Saul of Tarsus dropped the letter 'S' of his name and made it Paul when he became a religious leader.

Students of numerology know that the letter S. Denotes aggression, individualism and materialism, whereas 'P' indicates introspection, religion and inner peace. These changes were made to create new influences so that old names lost their value and resulted in real changes of character when environmental influences of the new name became active. Jews have a lot of faith in the power of names, some even rush to the temple for changing the names of those relatives about to die in the belief that the new vibrations will prolong their life. The Eskimos too believed that by adopting the new name when he is old he can lengthen his span of life. In India most Brahmin child's received two names for common use and the other is secret.(alb)In India: Although texts were still unwritten, words and syllables of the Vedas were analyzed and the letters of the alphabet were recognized and personified as eternal divinities. Later certain syllables were believed to be holy, specially 'Om' which is said to contain the essence of the Vedas.

The Sanskrit language developed rapidly after completion of the Rg Veda, and new words were borrowed, mostly from non Aryan sources, and old words lost their original meaning. The science of phonetics and grammar was born out of the need to preserve the purity of Vedas, and the oldest Indian linguistic texts is Yaska's Nirukta(5th century B.C.).By the 4th century B.C. ,Panini's great grammar, 'Asthasyayi' arrived and language reached its classical form. Panini's grammar has more than 4000 grammatical rules. Thus it was from the time of Panini, language became fixed and later the language was known as 'samskrta', 'perfected' as opposed to 'prakratas'(natural), the popular dialect which had developed naturally. The reason Sanskrit developed no further was because it became the language of the learned Brahmins and Prakrit was the language of the masses. One of the greatest achievements of ancient India was the alphabet, commencing with vowels and followed by consonants.

These were scientifically classified in sharp contrast to the incomplete Roman alphabet. In fact it was only after the West discovered Sanskrit that the science of phonetics arose in Europe. The harlequins of the Indus Valley civilization were familiar with dimensions. A number of weights of accurately cut cubes of grey chert of ratios 1:2, 32: 64,320: 640 etc have been found at the sites of Baluchistan, Makran, Punjab and the Sindh.

Their system of weights this unique to the world, their script was pictographic, however it is surprising that the assistance of ratios was based upon 16 come up an important number in ancient Indian numerology. From their planning and architecture of the cities it is clear that they had good knowledge of simple geometry based on a 'foot' of 13.2 inches and a cubit of 20.6 inches. The Hindus were also the first to discover the precision of the equinoxes which takes place every 25,827 years. About 1500 BC the Aryans came to India and that was the end of the Indus Valley civilisation. The earliest source that deals with astronomy is Jyotisha Vedanga (about 500 BC), which gives the rules for calculating position of new moon and full moon (27 nakshatras) and of 366 days. In fact the Taittriya Samhita also speaks about the lunar -- solar calendar, and which was probably known as early as the seventh century BC.The decans of Egypt, the zodiac of Mesopotamia and nakshatras (lunar mansions) -- 27 positions of the moon in one sideral rotation appeared as three independent systems of astronomical reference. In fact the moon nakshatras appeared at the same time India as did hsiu in China. There is a speculation that there could be influence from old Babylonian astronomy of 1000 BC.

The early Indian cosmologies are based on the square and they were aware of rectangles and series of numbers 4, 12, 28, 60 obtained to subdivision of the square. Ancient Hindu mathematicians have shown interest in large numbers expressed in powers of 10, and in division of time into its smallest units. There is reference of these large powers in Vedic Samhitas, Brahmanas, sutras, in Mahabharta, Ramayana and the Satapatha Brahmana weights speak of the 60 days and nights and the unknown quantity 'x'. The Sulva Sutras also deal with the construction of sacrificial altars used in Vedic rituals. By 505 AD, Varahamihira wrote the Panchasiddhantika.In 400 AD Surya Siddhanta was ready. The Brihatjatika,Brihatsamhita,Laghujatika (works on astrology) and Romaka Siddhanta (which shows Greek influence) was a monumental contribution by Vaharamihira. The Surya Siddhanta speaks about epicycles in planetary theory. The Hindus injected the important concept of sine of an angle into the Greek geometrical system, which later was called 'trignometrical'. Aryabhatta (499AD), the first Hindu algebraist and then Brahmagupta and Bhaskara made important contributions.Parashara's Horashashtra' (5th cent.A.D.),was the first major astrological treatise to appear. Hindu mathematicians, alongside the Greek geometrical legacy brought an 'intuitive'insight into the behaviour of numbers, and their arrangement into patterns and series. Later on Lilavati written by Bhaskara II, but rivalled by Ganita Kaumudi(composed in 1356) by Narayana, and this work is very informative for its treatment of 'magic squares'. A Cambodian inscription of 683 AD has used the dot or 'bindu'to represent 0, and yet another inscription on Banka island of 686 AD shows a closed ring. These point out to the Hindu influence in southeast Asia. At Jantar Mantar in Delhi, Raja Jai Singh's astronomer Jagannath used European and Islamic ideas, and followed the precedent set by the Samarkhand Observatory at Ulugh Begh. The literary tradition in India begins with Vedas, which were according to Hindu tradition, imparted by Lord Brahma to rishis in the form of 'spoken word'and handed down from one generation to another in oral form upto the present period. The ancient phonetic and grammatical AnupamVKapils which followed the Vedic period gave much importance to the accent. Music has been part of India's literary tradition for more than 2000 years.The Natyasatras (from second century BC to fourth century AD) probably contains the first description to music.

With the coming of Islamci rule in India from 1200 to 1757 and the Hejira calender began to be used instead of the Hindu Siddhantic calendar,and from 1757,with the advent of British rule in India,the Christian Gregorian calender(365 1/4days), replaced the Muslim calender as the official calender of India.

In the early 20th-century, numerology received a powerful boost due to the phenomenal contribution of world-famous clairvoyant, palmist and numerologist, Count Louis Hamon, popularly known to the world as 'Cheiro'. He travelled extensively throughout the world to learn and propagate his system of numerology. He visited India and stayed with a Brahmin Joshi family in the western ghats near Bombay, studying the ancient 'closely guarded' secrets of palmistry and numerology after passing tests of will power and faith. He also spent considerable time in the Himalayan region and Tibet and learnt the most secret and esoteric knowledge passed to him by the Lamas and monks of the Buddhist monasteries. During his times, Cheiro was consulted by almost all the leading monarchs, kings, and the rich and famous from all fields. Amongst his 'elite' clientee were Cecil Rhodes, Lord Randolph Churchill, Lord Balfour, Joseph Chamberlain, Mary Pickford, Mata Hari, Gregory Rasputin, Czar Nicholas II, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Sarah Bernhardt, William Gladstone, the Shah of Persia, Queen Mary and many others. The disgrace of Oscar Wilde and death of Gregory Rasputin leading to the Russian revolution were clearly predicted by Cheiro years in advance. His monumental study on the ancient Hebrew, Chaldean and Kabala systems of astrology and numerology is of lasting value, both in terms of research and spirit of scientific inquiry which he injected into astrology, numerology, palmistry and other occult sciences. He developed his original system of numbers based on the ancient Hebrew calculations, his contributions to the birth numbers, destiny numbers and karmic compound numbers gives amazing results. Amongst others who made significant contributions to numerology during the 20th-century are Sepharial, Helen Hitchcock, and Mrs.Dow Balliet.


The Hebrew language was written from right to left and had 22 letters, without any vowels. These 22 syllables, are linked to numbers from 1 to 22, and these signify the essence of all creation and wisdom. The importance of the Hebrew alphabet comes from the fact that God is described in the Bible as creating the world by expressing commands in words-- 'God said, let them the light; and there was like light', and it is believed that God spoke in Hebrew, therefore the Hebrew alphabet came to be regarded as a supremely powerful magical instrument to which the whole universe had been created and which it was therefore believed contained the secret of the structure of all things . The letter aleph(our A) was not a vowel in Hebrew but a 'breathing', and exhalation of breath.12 of the Hebrew letters are connected with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 months of the year, 12 organs of the body. Some Jewish and Christian commentators calculated that in the first chapter of Genesis, God created 22 things, corresponding to the 22 letters and because the letters were used to make everything that exists, they contain all truth and all wisdom. It is probably not by chance that they had 22 principal cards or 'major trumps' in the tarot pack, which are also believed to contain all the secrets of the universe.


Numerology is the science of Numbers that assigns a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet. Language and mathematics are our chief means of communicating thought and so the digits and letters of the alphabet bear a close relation to each other. As an individual you have a certain rate of vibration determined by the numerical values of the letters in your name. By simple addition of your names and date of birth we arrive at certain vibratory numbers which tell about your talents, potential, opportunities, environment, your eventful years, highs and lows and the final outcome of your destiny. In short, the names are converted into numbers and their relationship with the entire date of birth shows whether there is a harmony in the name with relation to itself and the external environment or not. This science has its principles, its alphabet, its language, its terminology, its signification and for every spiritual force there is a corresponding material form. The Hebrews, Egyptians, Greeks and Hindus used numerical systems to decode secret information hidden in the Scriptures and also to reveal secret information about a person, place or thing. As you have seen above, the Chaldeans of Babylon were the first ones to study the occult sciences deeply and also fix phonetic values to the alphabets. The Pythagorean Anupam V Kapil which came later around 6th century BC had different set of values for alphabets. As of today, the western numerologists use the Pythagorean values which are most prevalently used. However, both the systems, believed that the number derived from the name reflects one's character. The western Anupam V Kapil of numerologists believe that language divides itself into nine grammatical parts. The importance of 9 days is because a cycle is a period of 9, where the days, months or years, it takes nine solar months to produce human life. So the charts follow a definitive order or repetition of values. In the Pythagorean system letters are converted in sequence from 1 to 9, whereas in the Chaldean systems the letters are converted out of sequence, and the Numbers used are from 1 to 8.

One may say that numerology is an index of your life -- showing the signposts -- high points and pitfalls which you shall encounter in a lifetime. Most of us do not know what to do in the initial years of a life, which profession is best suited for us? Numerology helps in understanding yourself, availing of the opportunities and selecting the right ones. It is your choice -- whether you want to get to the 10th story of a building by climbing up the stairs or reaching their by using the left -- so why waste your time and energy when you can reach the same destination faster -- certainly you won't be held in more esteem if you choose the long and hard way. Numerology offers you assistance in knowing the field you are suited to and then better mind whether you are set for that work or not. There is an old saying, 'it is better to swim with the tide than against it, 'numerology shows you the how, where, when and why of life. So the charts follow a definitive order or repetition of values. The western numerologists believe that the reduced letters of your name indicates the key to your talents and characteristics. We all have been born for some definite predetermined purpose. Some waste their lives, others get partial success by struggling, however, real happiness is elusive, unless one is performing the job for which he was intended. Numerology teaches you how to know your specific place. We all have names, a first name, middle name and a surname, the characteristics of each name are different and so no two individuals are exactly alike. Even if it were so, the date of births would be different. Though those with the same first name could have many common traits, however, combination of your full name with your birth date would show a very different picture. When a child is named, the name sound creates about the child certain conditions and a type of character, this is because words are sounds or individual vibrations which produce rhythms in emitting a message.

Did you know that the first sound the baby hears is the note of the day and during its entire lifespan it responds to that note and colour? Therefore numerologists say that your name is the rhythm to which your inner forces respond to you, which in turn cause thoughts, feelings and impulses corresponding to you. There are three aspects to each number or name -- the constructive, negative and destructive.Can you know about your future or any potential problems by numerology? How can numerology help you?

Numerology is a very easy self-help tool which can help you to gain an insight and understanding into you and your fellow beings true nature. Knowledge is the key to success, gaining greater insights into your strengths and weaknesses will benefit you tremendously in all aspects of life. With the knowledge of this science you can know in advance the various cycles, opportunities and challenges that you have already experienced or are about to face. These indications in themselves will help you to prepare for the future, develop your strengths and overcome your deficiencies.

As you will see in the various chapters in this book, that your destiny number, your name alphabet influence in any given year, your pinnacles and personal year number derived from your birthday and name bring in different kind of influences and definitely point to the possibility of painful experiences, financial hardships, problems and personal lives, divorce etc. Numerology can only help you know the high tides and low tides in your life, ultimately it is your karma which is the decisive factor as far as success and failure are concerned, numerology reveals the sowing and harvesting cycles of your life. It shows you the lessons which have to be learnt and also the proper direction which you are likely to move in and also the probability of the use or abuse of your potential you may do. As a youngster it helps you in finding your true vocation, as a young woman you can be attractive and chose the right man, know your real purpose in life and the best methods to achieve your ambitions. As a businessman, you can choose your advantages days for promoting or developing your product, as a manufacturer you can attract success by use of the right vibratory number of the product. As a wife you can understand your husband as a friend, as a mother you can have a deep insight into your child and handle him better. If you decide to get the most out of life now, harmonies yourself to your name to your own birth path forces as shown in this book. The universe will then vibrate with you and for you and work will be a pleasure and joy. Numerology helps you to open the door to greater opportunities-- seize it now.

What do you need to cast your numerology chart?

You need not be a mathematician to practice numerology, you only need to able to add up simple numbers. Requirements needed to cast your numerological chart are minimal-- your actual date of birth, your full name or married name contain all the information required to sum up your personality and destiny cycles. In this book except for the purpose of computing the karmic compound number where Hebrew numerical values have been used, but for calculation of all other numbers the Pythagorean or western value systems have been used.

How do you calculate your numbers in a chart?

The science of numerology deals with single digit numbers, from 1 to 9, except when we analyse the hidden meaning in our names through the karmic compound numbers.

The calculations involved are very easy -- simple addition is used to find your personal numbers from the date of birth and name. From the tables given chapter 2 you will notice that each letter is assigned a number, for example A = 1, 0 = 7, and M = 4 . However, the Hebrew alphabetic value system which I have used is only for the analysis of your karmic compound number. For the rest of all calculations in this book I have used the Pythagorean or western alphabetic numerical values. Please refer to the individual chapters and also to chapter number two to see how to calculate your numbers. The basic principle, however, is simple, all digits are reduced to below 10, as in numerology there are only nine numbers. For example, 77 would become 7+7=14= (1+4) = 5, or 167 would become 1+6+7=14= (1+4) = 5. If you date of birth is 10.8.1962, to know the destiny digit it would be reduced to 1+0+8+1+9+6+2=27(2+7) = 9. If you are born on 28th of any month your fate number would be 2+8 = 10 (1+0) = 1. Now, if you want to convert the name of AJOY KUMAR into figures, the Pythagorean values would substitute the letters of his name(1+1+6+7)+(2+3+4+1+9)=34=3+4 =7, which would be his expression name number.

What does your name tell you?

Your name is made up of a series of numerical vibrations that contain the essence of your identity. You are to the world what your name portrays, causing some to immediately like you (if their name is in harmony to you) or to avoid you. The number/letter correspondence chart computes the numerical value of your name to determine its vibrational qualities. It was believed by the ancients that a person's name mystically endcodes one's character, personality and destiny. The sum of all the letters of your name tell you the purpose of your life, the environment and opportunities to be faced, and the final achievements. As you will see in the later chapters that each of your names indicate separate qualities. The first name reveals your personal nature, your middle name shows the reserve force which you use in emergencies, and the surname shows your hereditary or family influences. Depending upon whether these characteristics are harmonious or otherwise, your destiny will be smooth or difficult. In other words, your name shows your natural talents and the tools which you possess with which to accomplish work. Very often we come across people who have the potential to be great geniuses, but somehow they are not able to exploit their talents and there power seems to be wasted in doing other things, mostly demanded by existing circumstances or external conditions. This happens because the development of the soul power is not being used as the individuals is busy working in entirely different directions from his core strength.

You must first find out from your name what you would like to do, this can be found out by knowing your soul urge number. Once you are aware of your soul urge, you must choose occupations which are compatible with your motivations so that you do not get frustrated. When you combine your soul urge for heart's desire you can select your work or profession and make full use of your potential. By following the numerical vibrations of your name, you shall be successful in the path that you were born to follow.

Special pointers used for name analysis in this book:

For comprehensively analyzing your name by various angles by Pythagorean values, we break down your full name into separate components, by studying the vowels, consonants and the sum of both separately. The total of the vowels in the full name are known as the soul urge number or the hearts desire number, which reveal one's natural talents, secret ambitions, ideals or goals which one wants to achieve but finds it difficult to fulfil. The soul urge indicates your self-esteem, and is most important while analysing the success or failure of any relationship, marriage, friendship or business partnership.

Your expression name number is derived by adding the sum of all your full names, it shows your natural talents, capabilities and the tools with which to accomplish your work. This number also indicates the direction you must take in life. When the influences of your name are at odds with your birthday or destiny number, there will be constant interferences, frustrations, doubts and fears.

Your karmic lessons or intensity number are found by converting the name into figures and then finding out which figures dominate your name, the frequency or absence of these figures indicate your natural talents, the weak links or stumbling blocks in your character. They also reveal what plane (physical, mental, emotional, intuitive) you belong to. Dominance of numbers on the physical plane(numbers 4 and 5) inclines one to creature comforts, instinct and gives a practical disposition, the mental plane (numbers 1 and 8) is dominated by logic, analysis, proof and facts, business ability and financial success. The emotional plane(numbers 2,3 and 6) is ruled by impulse, imagination and expression in artistic direction, the intuitive plane (numbers 7 and 5) is influenced by direct inspiration, ability to understand without proof or reason, it gives high spirituality and intuition.

By converting your full name by the Pythagorean numerical values, we find out the vibrations of the respective alphabetic and number in any particular year and arrive at the entire personal, financial and health predictive trend. To know further details, we find out the event number by adding all your separate letter transits from your complete name together, and this gives us a very accurate summary of the trend and influences you will undergo in the present or future. We also use the indications of the first alphabet of your name to predict your characteristics and health patterns.

By using the Kabala system of numerical values to convert your name into figures, we derive your health susceptibilities, indications and advice accordingly. For arriving at the secret message encoded in your name, we use the Hebrew Kabala values, which was extensively used by Cheiro in his analysis. In this method, only the most popularly used names are taken into account for calculations.

Can a change of name alter your destiny?

As you tune into the right frequency or wavelength you hear better, similarly with human beings, numerology helps you to tune in to the right frequency and have harmonious relationships. As everything and everybody on this planet vibrates, we too as human beings have our own rate of vibration. By making our birth path in harmony to our name or identical to it, we can tune to the right frequency and thus be equipped with the proper tools to succeed in life. The basic concept of numerology is that letters have vibrations which are associated with numbers that were found to exhibit influences, positive or negative involved in vibratory action. And our present system of letters and alphabets originated from this.

Pythagoras said,"the world is built upon the power of numbers'', and it was the recognition of the numerical value of letters that influenced the change of name whenever a change in location or destiny was desired. Changing your name will attract new vibrations and the influences can be felt in a subtle way from the day the new name comes into existence. However, a lot depends upon the other numbers in your chart.

An expert numerologist must be consulted, because changing names without adequate knowledge is like playing with fire.There is probably no better illustration in history than of Napoleon Bonaparte to show the change in fortunes after change in his name.

Let us see how the destiny of Napoleon Bonaparte changed for his worse after he dropped the 'u' from the spelling in his name. His original name at birth was;

1 7 57

67 1 1 5(sum=40)

7 1 1 5

5 8 35 5

2 5 8 24 (sum = 42)

2 5 8 2 4

His mental state (total of consonants) was 40, and personality number was 42, and this karmic compound number was 40 +42 = 82 (8+2) = 10.
After dropping the letter 'u' from his original name Buonaparte, his mental state changed to 34 (sum of vowels of Napoleon Buonaparte ), but his personality number remains the same(42). After substituting the Chaldean values to his name , Napoleon+ Bonaparte, we get the karmic compound number of 76 (7+ 6) = 13.
His name of destiny at birth was Napoleon Buonaparte, which had the karmic compound number 10, which means, " a number which promises honor, faith and success. In the Kabala, it is symbolized as 'The Wheel of Fortune' and this wheel of fortune is also identified with the wheel of life in Tibetan Buddhism. Occultists believe that this is a number of rise and fall and one's name will be known either for good or evil as per the Karmic law. 10 is a new beginning on a higher plane .It was a most sacred number for Pythagorus, a symbol of universal creation on which they took oath. In the imagery of ancient times and the Middle Ages it was a symbol of change. In the tarot the wheel is said to be the card of blind fate,of the lottery of chance or mischance. It is said to be the card of adventurers and explorers, of all those who cannot and will not remain still.. If it appears in calculations of future events it is a fortunate number indicating that the one's plans will be successfully carried out.
After he changed the spelling of his name by omitting 'u' from Buonaparte, his karmic compound number changed to 13, which is symbolized in the Tarot by death, upheaval and strife, " he who understands 13 is given the keys of power and dominion, " which if wrongly or selfishly used causes self destruction, be prepared of the unknown or unexpected, change of plans or place. "
Had Napoleon continued using his original name with the vowels 'u', probably his end would have been quite different.

Are some numbers better than others?

All numbers have both positive and negative aspects. Classification of good or bad is relative, for example number 5's would make better salesmen and promoters,4's would make good accountants,6's may make good teachers and 8's are usually better than others in business matters,1's are more suited to lead. Just as our like of colours reveal our inner state, similarly numbers too reveal our natures. Fate numbers 4 and 8 have been given special treatment in this book, as they have special occult symbolism.

Do numbers have any power or specific characteristics?

The power of Numbers: Pythagorus propagated that each digit has a certain influence ,colour and tone, affecting in a like manner all things to which it was related, and that each letter of the alphabet, due to its numerical position had the specific characteristic of its controlling vibration. Though it is true that the figure is just a symbol denoting a quantity, it is also a fact that a quantity may indicate more than a mere number, as figures are just a means used by us to express definite quantities and do not express anything of quality. Figures are just a means used by us to express definite quantities. They do not express anything of quality, if we say three apples and three apples make for six apples, we leave out of consideration the fact that one or more of the six apples may be bad. From this will learn that 6, or any other number, is potentially good, its quantity being unaffected. Let us study the characteristics of the numbers to have a good idea before we start applying numerology to our birthdays and names.

Characteristics of numbers;

0. stands for Infiniti, the period of chaos before time began, the infinite boundless being, the Brahmanda or the boundless space from which all things came forth., the solar system in its entirety, the first manifestation of life was the dot between the circle 'representing the sun as the center of the zodiac', hence universality. It also means, circumference, limitation, and dilation, the universal paradox, the infinitely great and the infinitely small, the circle of Infiniti and the point at the Centre, the atom.

1. symbolises manifestation, assertion, individuality, the logos, manifestation of the finite and unmanifest, the ego, self-assertion, egotism, separateness, isolation, distinction, self- reliance, dignity, and ownership. Thus we have creative ability, intuition, activity, mental power and austerity, daring and pioneering spirit symbolised by the digit 1. A symbol of the Sun, in religion it symbolises the Lord, in the material sense the individual. According to Pythagoras number 1 represents God, intellect, matter, chaos, confusion, void, oblivion, a virgin ,the sun, the point within the circle and the central fire deity. He favoured this as a father of numbers, and ascribed odd numbers to greater God's, whereas even numbers represented inferior and terrestrial Gods. According to Pythagoras, the Monad is the beginning of all things.1 signifies equality, existence, identity and the 'living man'. In its negative aspects 1 is arrogant, selfish, self-centred, domineering, limited in thought and expression.

2. A number of antithesis, active and passive, sensitive, dualism of life, male and female, spirit and matter. It denotes creation and production, and is a symbol of the moon. As this number represents duality, it also introduces us to the alternative of unity or good, namely evil. The digit 2 has the qualities of duality, diplomacy and a receptive, feminine nature. Two is considered a number of mourning and death, misfortunes are bound to follow, however its virtue is in the understanding the workings of occult knowledge. It is interesting to note that in the history of England all the Kings numbered the second -- Edward II, William II, Richard II were all murdered. It is said that there are only two Jewish laws, the written law of Moses and the oral law of the Kabala. The popular saying that two is better than three means that youth is better than old age with its staff of support. There are two ways before man, one goes to heaven and the other to hell. The Talmond says that there are two important things, one is that one's bed should face not face North to South, and the other is that one should pray in front of his bed. It is said that if a dream was dreamt twice it foretold a truth. The occult symbols of number 2 are the High Priestess, the door of the holy temple, Eve. In its negative aspects 2 is critical, fault finding, susceptible to flattery, unreliable and self opinionated.

3. Symbolises the trinity of life, force, matter, and consciousness, the family -- father, mother, child and thus stands for complete joyous expression on the nature's plane. The three dimensions, the past, present, and future. According to Photius,3, the triad is a first or number in energy and also the first perfect number. According to him every virtue originates and proceeds from it 3 is considered the number of highest wisdom, perfect love. soul force and represents fruitfulness. As it was supposed to be a perfect number, oracles were delivered from a tripod the oracle of Delphi. In music, harmony contains three symphonies, the diapason, thediapente, the diatessaron. The Hindu trinity consists of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, the creator, preserver and destroyer. Shiva's symbol is the trident, Pluto's dog had three heads, there were three founders of the Roman Empire, in the old Christian paintings you see the trinity of Jesus that John and Mary. It is said that the Jews were given the precious gifts, the law of Moses, the land of Israel and Paradise. There is supposed to be truth in three kinds of dreams, a dream repeated by neighbour, a dream repeated twice and the last dream of the morning. Similarly that are three kinds of men who despise their fellow's dogs, cooks, and fortune tellers. The Brahmins believe
that the three ways of salvation, three lokas--swarga(heaven), bhumi(earth) and patala(hell). The holy word AUM consisting of 3 syllables and three jewels of wisdom, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.. In its negative aspects 3 is sensual, debased, egotistical, selfish and unreliable.

4. This is a number of material universe, logic, reason science, awareness through perception, experience and knowledge. The cross, swastika, the wheel of law, sequence and order. The worshippers of Vishnu consider the swastika cross pointing to the right as fortunate, a swastika with small curved top limbs is considered unfortunate, as it represents death. Thus 4 seeks proof and greater knowledge. Pythagoreans believed 4 to be a number of miracle, they called it justice, as the first evenly even number. There are four sides of a square, four seasons of the year, for elements of metaphysics, four humours, four qualities-hot, cold, dry and damp. It is interesting in the Christian belief that the picture of Christ on the cross of four limbs signifies the descent of spirit into matter as the belief in Hindus that the atma, buddhi, manas descent into man through kama(passion), prana(life force),linga(phallus) and sthula sharira(body). In its negative aspects 4 is too limited and critical.

5. A number of expansions, understanding, justice, reaping and harvest, wants unbounded freedom of thought and action. The ancient Chinese spoke of the five elements, earth, fire, water, metal and wood and of 5 primary colours-- white, green, yellow, red and black. 5 is also considered to be a number of sacrifice, the 5 wounds of Christ. In Roman marriages,5 candles indicated celebration of a marriage and on such occasions prayers were offered to the five diety's-Venus, Jupiter, Diana, Pitho and Juno. In Greece and Egypt the number five was considered powerful as it was formed by the union of the first odd and even Numbers and was used as an talisman and amulet for protection against evil.. The Pentagram was considered as an emblem of safety.5 is also used as an emblem in Zoroastrian rites. In its negative aspects 5 is unreliable, interested and black magic and sexually indulgent.

6. A number of sympathy, cooperation, marriage, interaction of the spiritual with the material, the mental with physical, communion, conversion, alchemy, harmony peace, beauty psychism and divination. Education, health, betterment of one's community,likes domestic life. 6 is the most loving and sacrificing of all numbers. Intercourse, reciprocity and the relations of the sexes, a symbol of Venus. 6 has also been considered as a number of temptation as it is believed that it was at the 6th hour of the 6th day that the first temptation came into the world.6 is a number of entanglement and binding, of vice and virtue, unions and seduction, love of attraction of the sexes, but purification by knowledge. The number 666 is supposed to be the mark/emblem of the great wicked one. Pythagoreans believed that all things were regenerated after a period of 216 years(a cube of 6) as this was the periodic time of rebirth of man after each death., Jesus died on the six-day of the week. The Druids had a preference for number six in all their religious works such as the sixth day of the moon. It is interesting to know that the Chaldeans, Hindus and the Chinese use the Numbers 60 and 3600 in computing time. In its negative aspects 6 is anxious, self- centred obstinate and lacking in self-esteem.

7. number of finality, completion stability and immortality, time and space, the seven days of the week, the seven ages, the seven seals, the cycle of evolution, seeks wisdom, perfection and balance and rest. In most ancient rules on occult philosophy number 7 has been called the 'sacred number'. The Buddha took the Lotus as the emblem of his religion since the Lotus cannot be crossed with other flowers, cannot ever lose its individuality and all the 'pure' flowers always have only seven petals. Throughout the Bible and various sacred books the number seven has been related to the spiritual or mysterious God force. It was called 'Septos', 'Holy' and 'Virgin'. There are seven planets, seven tones in every voice, human or instrumental because they are emitted from the seven planets and form the music of the spheres. The Hebrew's confirmed that oath by seven witnesses or by seven victims offered in sacrificial offerings. Number seven was sacred to the Persian sun god Mithras. There are seven wonders of the world, seven Hindu sages(saptarishi), seven holy islands, seven deserts, seven holy seas and seven heavens. It was believed that every seven male born without any female coming between, could cure the Kings evil, by word or touch. There are seven years for repentance, seven seals, seven Kings, seven trumpets, seven candlesticks and 7 Churches of Asia. It is also believed that the skull has seven sockets which correspond with the planets. The Talmund says that the soul of a man watches over his corpse for seven days. The popular belief is that seven things were hidden from man, the final judgment, the time of the Jewish restoration, the fall of Persia, the time of resurrection, the opinion of one's fellow men and the day of death. The Hindus recognize only seven planets. In Veganism and esoteric Buddhism they recognize that man is constituted by seven principles, the Hindus believe the seven primary forces of nature ---- sakti, parashakti(cosmic force of light and heat), inanshakti(intellect), kriyashakti(energy of the will), kundalinishakti, mantrik sakti(power of mantras-sounds, vibrations, words,speech). In its negative aspects 7 is dictatorial, restless, atheistic, non punctual and self opinionated.

8. A number of dissolution,,psychicism,separation,divorce,disintegartion,eccentricity ,madness, inspiration emerging from desperation, genius and invention.888 is supposed to be the special number of Jesus Christ in his aspect as the Redeemer of the world and as the great opponent of the 666, the number of the great beast. The Jews practiced circumcision of their males on the eighth day. 8 is also considered to be a number of regeneration. The occult symbol of 8 is represented by the figure of justice with the sword pointing upwards and the balance of scales in the left-hand. Noah is supposed to have the 8th direct descendant of Adam. The Greeks regarded 8 as a number of great power, the occult symbols of 8 are justice with the sword and balance, the perfect way. In its negative aspects 8 is misunderstood, too introspective and lacks in self-confidence.

9. A number of new birth, regeneration, clairvoyance, spirituality, prediction, revealation, and reformation, premonition, clairvoyance, spirituality, prediction, revealation and reformation. 9 is the only number in calculation that, multiplied by any number will always reproduce itself,eg. 9 times 3 is 27 which when added together(2+7)=9 and it becomes 9 when multiplied to any number. Christ is said to have died at the 9th hour on the Cross. It is said in some of the Hebrew writings that God has descended 9 times to the earth, the first being in the garden of Eden and the 9th time being in the temple of Jerusalem and it is believed that at the 10th coming this earth will pass away and the new one will be created. In the highest sphere 9 is the nine lettered name of God.9 is a number of mystery and pover of silence, wisdom, protection and reward. In its negative aspects 9 is unaccommodating, merciless, selfish and too critical.

9 X 3 = 27 ... 2 + 7 = 9
9 X 4 = 36 ... 3 + 6 = 9
9 X 5 = 45 ... 4 + 5 = 9
9 X 6 = 54 ... 5 + 4 = 9
9 X 7 = 63 ... 6 + 3 = 9
9 X 8 = 72 ... 7 + 2 = 9
9 X 9 = 81 ... 8 + 1 = 9
9 X 10 = 90 ... 9 + 0 = 9
9 X 11 = 99 ... 9 + 9 = 18=1+8=9
9 X 12 = 108 ... 1 + 8 = 9
9 X 13 = 117 ... 1 + 1 + 7 = 9 .



As we have seen earlier that numerology developed along with astrology, astronomy, the Kabala and the Tarot. In fact astrology and numerology are closely related to each other and the ancients had fixed the ruler ship of planets and numbers to the various sun signs of the zodiac. The sign of Aries (21st March to 19th April) is ruled by the planet Mars and number 9. Taurus (20th April to 20 May) is ruled by the planet Venus and number 6, Gemini (21st May to 20th June) is ruled by the planet Mercury and number 7, Cancer (21st June to 20th July) is ruled by moon and numbers 2-7, Leo (21st July to 20th August) is ruled by the sun and number 1-4, Virgo (21st August to 20th September) is ruled by Mercury and number 5,Libra (21st Sept to 20th October) is ruled by Venus and number 6, Scorpio (21st October to 20th November) is ruled by Mars and number 9, Sagittarius (21st Nov to 20th December) is ruled by Jupiter and number 3, Capricorn (21st December to 20th January) is ruled by Saturn and number 8, Aquarius (21st January to 21st February) is ruled by Saturn and number 8, Pisces (19th February to 20th March) is ruled by Jupiter and number 3.

It must be mentioned here that as the sun passes from one sign of the zodiac to another, it loses its strength for seven days at the beginning and end of the sign, which is called the 'cusp'.

The numbers which have been given to the days of the week are as under:
Sunday....1-4 (ruled by sun)
Monday..2-7 (ruled by moon and Neptune)
Tuesday..9 (ruled by Mars)
Wednesday..5 (ruled by Mercury)
Thursday. 3 (ruled by Jupiter)
Friday........ 6 (ruled by Venus)
Saturday..... 8 (ruled by Saturn).

A brief enumeration of sun sign characteristics to show the influence of the planet and respective number would facilitate better understanding of numbers.

Aries :
Impulse, spontaneity and instinctiveness are the marked features. It signifies explosiveness, extravagance, all kinds of excess, it is a sign of force, combat, strength and energy. Its tendencies are always diffusive, enthusiastic, ambitious, militant, independent and self willed. The distinguishing characteristic is activity with the desire to lead.

Leo :
Inner consciousness, generous, ambitious sign of power, vitality and organizing ability. The distinguishing characteristic is loyalty, the desire to give and fondness for lavish display.

Sagittarius :
The higher mind manifesting as genius, sign of the prophet, most activities are directed towards a higher state of existence, Frank, outspoken, generous, aspiration and devotion, love of sport and travel and sympathy.

Cancer :
Sympathetic and kind, either very caring for selfish, the instinct for personal aggrandizement being very strong, sensation, emotions, from the most external physical sensation to internal sensitiveness, receptivity, memory, keen desire for sensation, magnetic, tendency to cling to others, power, fame and power of insistence.

Scorpio :
Strong personality, either the good side-- perseverance, courage, both moral and physical and practical ability or the evil side-- pride, jealousy, personal ambition, envy and hatred. Remarkable mystical and occult powers, exacting, severe and temper, distinguishing trait is intensity and 'passionateness'.

Pisces :
Emotions, deep, silent and inexpressable, sympathetic,benevolent, philantrophic, mediumistic tendencies, duality, inclined to worry, careless in speech.

Libra :
Balance, harmony, unbiased, conjugality and devotion. Artistic, affectionate and unassuming, good intuition.

Aquarius :
In love of human nature, blending of art and science, concentration of the mind, good character readers.

Gemini :
Dualistic nature, material education, nervous and restless, suspicious, quick and active, brain intellect, signs of genius.

Capricorn :
Practical and materialistic, business and politics, practical ideals, deep thinkers, cool and collected, understanding.

Taurus :
Powers of retention, conservation, secretiveness and concentration, speech, instinctiveness for finance, practicality, exacting, domineering, indifferent, stubborn, enduring. .

Virgo :
Criticism and analysis, worrying tendency, good speakers, ingenious, discrimination and wisdom, love for statistics and biographical details.

Given here under are the planets and numbers with the professions they govern:

Mercury (Number 5)
Rules over all forms of communication -- writing, advertising, journalism, public speaking, education, television, travel and transport.

Venus (Number 6)
Rules over love, marriage, dancing, entertainment, social occasions, gambling, holidays, decoration, dress and peacemaking.

Jupiter (Number 3)
Rules over banking, trading activities, arbitration, religious ceremonies, philantrophic occasions etc

Saturn (Number 8)
Rules over mining, property and real estate, mathematics, gardening, subjects that require deep study and concentration.

Mars (Number 9)
Rules over Armed Forces, hunting, sports, fighting, public agitations, trade unions, surgeries, mechanical work.

Uranus (Number 4)
Rules over occult, astrology, telepathy, electrical study and research and advanced inventions where intense and concentrated mental effort is required.

Neptune (Number 7)
Rules over sensuous pleasures, spiritual experiences, premonitions, sea travel, higher forms of music, art and divination and prophecy of every kind.


.Planets correspond with colours and numbers and through cosmic sequence there is a harmony between sound, colour and number. Sound or phonetic values are linked up with planetary influences and there is a correspondence between the unit value of a name and the planets which according to the Chaldeans responds to a particular time when that unit value is present. As explained elsewhere in this book, Numbers and colours are bound up together in the expression of the law of vibrations. Numbers have relationship with planets ,respective sound forms and colours. No 1 and 4 governed by the sun respond to the sounds A and I and the colour orange, number 6 governed by Venus responds to vowels O, UW and the colour blue, number 5 governed by Mercury responds to the sound E,H and N and the colour yellow. Number 7 and 2 are governed by the moon and respond to the sound B,P,F,V and the colour green, number 3 is governed by Jupiter and responds to the sound Ch,J and soft G and the colour violet, number 9 is governed by Mars and responds to the sound K,hard G,R and the colour red. Number 8 governed by Saturn responds to the sound D, S,Sh,Z and the colour indigo. (annex sephari-- colour table) for Mantra, yantra and tantra are associated with astrology and numerology. However, we shall confine our scope to mantra only as it is directly connected with phonetics and numerology. What is a mantra? Mantra is a sound from, the repetitive recitation or utterance of which gives rise to certain psychical energies which in turn can be used to produce the desired material effects. Sound, from the viewpoint of physics, is a wave travelling to the medium of air. This wave is characterised by several important wave characterising parameters like amplitude, frequency, pitch etc. numerically, it is the quantitative measure 'frequency' that differentiates one sound from the other. Thus we find certain sound forms soothing and others irritating and intolerable with our psyche.

Pythagoras propagated that each planet had a distinct sound which together had a peculiar vibration, which he called a 'harmonious cosmic octave'or 'music of spheres'. The same sound is referred in the Vedic texts as 'ananta shabda' or 'Aum', in the Bible, as 'Logos'or 'Word', and as 'Kalma-i-illahi'by the Muslims. This sound ones generated in the human body leads one to liberation. Mantra is a composed out of the phonetics and symbol space of one or the other spoken language. The greater familiarity with mantra practices can be traced back to the Vedic literature, the language being Sanskrit. It is agreed by philogists and linguits that the symbols and phonetics in Sanskrit are closest to mathematical perfection and contain more power than perceivable at the superficial glance. Ancient Indians were fully aware of the fact that certain sound frequencies and combinations of them had the power to dislodge deeper astral energies and make them available for gross material utilisation. To stress the importance of this fact we shall be the one basic mantra.OM or AUM.

Ancient Hindus had identified the complex connections between internal/mental energy states and the corresponding external sound forms. According to then, the human bodies composed of five basic elements or tatwas, vayu(air),agni(fire), prithvi(earth),jal(water) and akaash (ether-space), called the panchamahabhuttas. Each of these tatwas are subdivided into five subdivisions, each subdivision being called a swara which form the complex base in our body to their association with the vital of centres(72) located in the body called nadis located in the middle portion of the human body, below and above the abdomen, extending upwards and sideways from the naval, the bottom of the spinal cord called muladhara which is above the psychical energy powerhouse called kundalini. Concentration and specific techniques to control the two main nadis in the spinal cord can induce the energy stored in the kundalini to rise along the spinal cord. Without going into more technical details it would suffice to say that the pranavayu(vayu tatwa0 is associated with the naval and pervades to the nose, now, heart and is the main cause for creation of sound, inhaling and exhaling, thus sound forms are bidirectionally connected with this pranavayu. You will see that there is a framework to link sound frequencies with internal/external manifestations.

If we look at the mantra OM, which manifests itself as the totality of existence and is primarily an auditory or sound symbol which represents all the four planes of the supreme infinite reality. All our experiences of entities and ideas in all states of consciousness are represented by words, which are made up of a spoken language. With the symbols of letters in the language's alphabet and the associated phonetics of the symbols, spoken (speech) thoughts are a reality. The Sanskrit alphabet is arranged in accordance with the order of origination of sounds in the vocal system, commencing from the larynx with the opening of the mouth, passing through the road and ending with the closing of the lips, by the contact of different parts of the mouth with the tongue. Between opening and closing of the mouth, we produce all the words which represent our experiences and concepts. When we open the mouth, we utter 'a'(pronounced like 'o'in 'come') and when the close the lips, we utter 'm'(like 'm'in 'come'). Thus between 'a'and 'm', come all the other sounds and words that can be uttered. Inserting a vowel 'u'(like 'u'in 'full'), which rolls through the throat over the whole tongue, we cover the entire spectrum of words from the beginning, middle and end in a symbolic way. In Sanskrit, when 'a' and 'u'are combined, it gives us the sound 'o'(as in 'go') and adding 'm'we get OM. Thus the phonetic constituents, called matras of AUM(OM) are symbolic building blocks of all conceivable sound terms and OM may be looked upon as a primary block (atom) of thought. Hindu philosophy and cosmology theorise that the entire universe (both material and otherwise) our projections of the mind and mind stuff (chitta) and mental ideas constructs in a subtle way, mind is itself very fine, subtle matter. Thus a rational exists for mind to influence matter and vice versa. Mantra is our sound forms and hence idea forms and hence mind idea forms, therefore their ability to the affect matter.OM represents the primordial universe and everything that is generated from it. Spoken words linger in an idea space long after the act of speeche is over and possesses subtle vibratory energies.


712: (20 June 712) Arab invasion of Sindh. Dahir, the ruler of Sindh was defeated by Arab ruler Muhammad-Bin Quasim. Though the episode has been termed by Stanley and Poole as 'a mere episode in the history of India and Islam, triumph without results", but culturally, the invasion signified the transplantation of many ideas to Arabia and finally to Europe. The orange tree and sugarcane were taken from India to Arabia which introduced these ideas to other countries of the world. In the field of literature, Al Khwariznu used the Hindu numerals and issued a treatise known as 'Al Khwarizm an Indian'. The Arab invasion opened for the invaders are complete new world of literature, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, medicine and fine arts. Eager to imbibe these ideas, the Khilafat of Mansur extended liberal patronage to Hindu learning. As a result, the two books of Brahmagupta--Brahmasiddhanta and Khand-Khadyaka (scientific astronomy numerals and zero were thus passed on to Europe. In the field of architecture also the impact was equally deep and the Arab artisans took back with them Indian ideas, the slain the foundation of the Sarcenic architecture.

1008 (9): Mohammed Ghaznavi conquered Multan, destroyed the temples at Mathura, Brindavan and Kanauj and in 1025(8) he destroyed the Somnath temple, one of the most important temples of Hindu veneration.

1192(4): Second battle of Tarain; Muhammad Ghori defeats Prithviraj Chauhan and thus laid the foundation of Muslim dominion in India. This battle immediately extended Ghori's territories upto the gates of Delhi. Secondly, it was the last national resistance against Muslim invaders.

1206(9):Qutub ud din Aibak succeeds Ghori and lays the foundation of the slave dynasties in India (15 March 1206 (9). and Jalal Uddin Khilji (Khalji dynasty) ascended the throne on the same day. In 1296(9) -- Jalal Uddin Khalji was murdered by his own nephew Allaudin Khalji and declared himself as the Sultan in 1296 = 9, and by 1305 = (9), the whole of northern India was under Khalji imperialism.

1494 (4)--Vasco Da Gama entered India which opened the turn of India to the Westerners. 1602 (8)--- Dutch East India Company formed.

1615 (4)--- English ambassador Sir Thomas Roe succeeded in getting Imperial firman from Jahangir's court to trade and establish factories in all parts of the Mughal empire.

1611 (9)---- the English opened their first at the at Masulipatam.

1633 (4)--- in East India, the British opened their first factories.

1651 (4)--- East India Company got permission to trade at Hugli in Bengal.

1664 (8)--- French East India Company founded.

1757, June 23rd (1+7+June(5)+7+6+2+3) = 31 = 4,

the battle of Plassey: Siraj-ud -daulah defeated by the British with the help of the treacherous Mir Jafar. This battle is of immense historical importance since it paved the way for the British mastery of Bengal and eventually the whole of India. The rich revenues of Bengal enabled them to organize a strong army and meet the conquest of the rest of the country.

1763 (8) Mir Quasim was defeated in a series of battle is and later with the help of the

two allies Shuja ud daulah ,Nawab of Avadh and Shah Alam II fought the British at Buxar in 1764 (9). From Shah Alam II, the British secured the Diwani , or right to collect revenue of Bihar, Bengal and Orissa, and from Nizam ud daulah the successor of Mir Jafar, they obtained the right of administration of Bengal.

13.2. 1739 (4+ 2+ 2) = 8,Nadir Shah defeated the Mughals at Karnal and the capital was looted, citizens were massacred and Emperor Muhammad Shah had to cede to him all the provinces of the empire west of the river Indus. Due to the loss of Kabul and the areas west to the Indus, a vital line of defense on the northwest disappeared. A few years later Ahmad Shah Abdali entered India from the northwest and inflicted a crushing defeat on the Marathas at Panipat. The most important consequence of the decline of the Mughal empire was that this enabled the British two conquered India.

1719 (9) --Balaji Vishwanath, at the head of a Maratha force accompanied Sayyaid Hussain Ali Khan to Delhi and helped the Sayyid brothers in overthrowing Farukh Siyyar.

1782 (9)--- the Britishers defeated and killed Haider Ali at Port Nova by Eyre Coote.

1799 (8)-- Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed by the British at Seringapatam.

1773 (9)--- Regulating Act;the first parliamentary act.

1773 (9) -- struggle for power at Poona, between Raghunathrao and Nayanrao who was murdered by the former. He was succeeded by Sawai Madhavrao. Out of frustration Raghu nath rao went over to the British and try to capture power with their help. This resulted in the first Anglo-Maratha war.

1813 (8)--Abolition of monopoly of East India Company's Indian trade by the Queen. With this event, a new phase began and agricultural India was to be made an economic policy of industrial England. The Indian craft industry was soon destroyed by unrestricted entry of British goods. The main aim was to transform India into a consumer of British manufacturers and a supplier of raw materials.

1835 (8)--- the government of India acted on Lord Maculay's report and made English the language of instruction in AnupamVKapils and colleges.

1835 (8)-- Indian press freed of restrictions by Charles Metcalfe.

1849 (4)-- Bethume AnupamVKapil (first AnupamVKapil for women).

1853 (8)--- the first railway line from Bombay to Poona opened, introduction of Telegraph line from Calcutta toAgra. The railways were laid primarily with the view to limit India's raw material producing areas in the exterior with the ports of export. The gates were fixed in a manner so as to favour imports and exports and to discourage internal movement of goods.

1854 (9)---Dalhousie's doctrine of lapse of power was applied to Nagpur and Jhansi. Dalhousie's refusal to accept Nana Saheb as legal heir of Peshwa.

10 May 1857 (9)---Revolt began at Meerut. It was the first great struggle of the Indian people for freedom from British imperialism. It paved the way for the rise of modern nationalist movement.

1858 = 9--Act of Parliament transferred the power to govern from East India Co to the British crown.

1876 (4)--Queen Victoria's proclamation; she assumed the title of Empress of India to emphasise the British sovereignty over the entire Indian subcontinent.

1876 (4)-- Lord Lytton's luxurious Delhi Durbar, when there was a terrible famine in Bengal.

1876 (4) Indian association formed.

1907 (8) Split of Congress at Surat session.

1916 (8) -- --The historic Lucknow Congress, unity of the two wings of Congress was accepted, acceptance of principles of separate electorate's which left the way open to future resurgence of communalism in Indian politics.

1948 (8): Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation was assassinated on 30.1.1948=3+1+1+1+9+4+8 =27 = 9. From an Astro numerological viewpoint this is an interesting date because, January is ruled by Saturn and the destiny digit(sum of DMY) is 9 which is ruled by Mars an enemy of Saturn(8) which also rules the year.

1962 (9): the Chinese aggression.

1971(9):The Indo-Pakistan war and liberation of Bangladesh, also the general elections brought Indira Gandhi to power, which was crucial to the history of India later.

1975 (4): declaration of national emergency in India by Indira Gandhi.
1980 (9): Indira Gandhi returns to power, but does not leave her office alive. It is interesting to note here that except one all the other presidents of America who were elected in a year ending with 0 were either assassinated or could not complete their term.

1984 (4): this is yet another interesting date from the point of Astro numerology.
(i) operation blue star; no action of the government has evoked such violent reactions. Later on this led to hatching of a conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. (ii)1984 is nothing but an interchange of the digits of the year 1948 and the nature of event is the same. Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31.10.1984=3+1+1+1+9+8+4= 27 = 9 which is the same total of the DMY on which Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated!!!
(iii) 1984 = 4--The Congress came back to power in the general elections under Rajeev Gandhi.
1989 (9): a new Govt led by VP Singh came to power. From an astrological point of view it is interesting to know that this government lost the vote of confidence during the first

week of November, 1990 and in late November and early December of 1992 the Ram Janambhoomi/Babri Masjid controversy fully erupted, both these periods are under


(The major Indian air crashes):

7.2.1966 (7 and 4)
21.4.1969 (3 and 5)
29.8.1970 (2 and 9)
26.3.1971 (8 and 2)
11.8.1972 (2 and 2)
31.5.1973 (4 and 2)
12.10.1976 (3 and 9)
4.8.1978 (4 and 1)
19.10.1988 (1 and 9)
15.12.1989 (6 and 9)
14.2.1990 (5 and 8)
25.3.1991 (7 and 3)
26.4.1993 (8 and 7)
12.11.1996 (3 and 3)
17.7.2000 (8 and 8)

* The first number in brackets is obtained by calculating the date and the second number in brackets is obtained by addition of the date, month and year).

In 11 out 15 major Indian air crashes that have occurred since the year 1966, number 4,8 and 9 appear very ominously in the dates of the disasters. Numbers 4,8 and 9 have always been extremely unfortunate for India as noticed in the past 1000 years of Indian history. Uranus(number 4),Saturn(number 8) and Mars(number 9) are the mischief makers when malefic as per Indian astrology. In the past these numbers have occurred during all major wars and also during signing of important treaties during the British rule due to which India lost its economic independence which facilitated perpetuation of the British rule and consolidation of their rule in India. 4,8 and 9 consistently appear from the times of invasions of Muhammad Ghori and the Arab invasion of Sindh and then the decisive battles at Babur's time which finally led to the establishment of the Slave dynasty and later the Mughal empire in India. Almost all the important battles which India lost to the invaders had 4,8 and 9 in them.

In modern history( independence)these numbers are ominously present is the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on 30.1.1948,which adds up to 8. The 1962 Indo Chinese aggression and the Indo Pak war of 1971 also add up to a 9. The emergency of 1975 adds up to a 4. Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31.10.1984(3+1+1+1+9+8+4=27) which adds up to a 9. In numerology importance is given to the first number of the whole date and this is known as the fate number and the addition of the whole day ,month and year produce the destiny number. It is by some strange fatalistic coincidence then that numbers 4,8 and 9 are found in 11 of the 15 major air crashes of the country.
The latest air crash of 17.7.2000 (1+7+7+2 =17) also adds up to 8! Even 17th adds up to 8.Another coincidence is that the plane crashed at 7.30 p.m. at which time the Moon was placed in the Ascendant of Capricorn a sign ruled by Saturn and number 8! The mischief of these numbers is also reflected in the failure of majority of our satellite and space missions, so these numbers must be avoided and a much fortunate vibration of number 6 must be chosen of course this does not mean that every time these numbers will be fatalistic, but in the cycle of periodicity of ill fated numbers these appear with alarming regularity.

Death of US Presidents while in office-all elected in a year ending with 0.

than a century people believed that U.S. presidents who got elected in years ending with "0" were fated to die in office. From the 1840's to the 1960's, every president elected in the 20-year cycle died while he was still president. Ronald Reagen finally broke the "curse" by escaping an assassination attempt in 1981 and served for two full terms before stepping down in 1989. For the benefit of the readers I am giving the chronology, so that those of you who are interested in trying to decipher anything striking from the numbers may benefit. Here's the sequence of presidents who died when elected in year ending with "0":

1800: THOMAS JEFFERSON served two full terms, 1801-1809.
1820: JAMES MONROE served two full terms, 1817-1825.
1840: WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON was 68 years old at the time of delivering his inaugural address on March 3, 1841. He delivered a speech, lasting about two hours in frigid weather, he refusing to wear a any warm clothing or even a hat. Harrison came down with cold which developed into pneumonia, he finally died on April 4 after being bedridden for a month..
1860: ABRAHAM LINCOLN was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater

in Washington, D.C. on the evening of April 14, 1865,when he was about to commence his second term. Though Lincoln survived the night but he died the next morning only six days after the end of the Civil War.
1880: JAMES GARFIELD was shot by Charles Guiteau on July 2, 1881 in a Washington railway station and he died after two months before dying from complications on September 19th.
1900: WILLIAM McKINLEY was elected twice as president, in 1896 and again in 1900.While attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York when he was shot by an unemployed millworker Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901 and he died a week later as a result of gangrene caused by the bullet wounds. Theodre Roosevelt who succeeded McKinley a decade later was shot but escaped.

1920: WARREN HARDING,died from a heart stroke in 1923, after developing intestinal cramps and pneumonia while returning to California.
1940: FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, first elected in 1932, and into an unprecedented fourth term suddenly died in April,1945,suffering a cerebral hemorrhage during World War II, his famous last words were ,"I have a terrific headache."
1960: JOHN F. KENNEDY's assassination replaced Lincoln's as the most famous presidential killing. JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald during a motorcade through Dallas,Texas on November 22,1963.Two days later Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby.

1980: RONALD REAGAN served two full terms, 1981-1989and survived an assassination attempt by John Hinckley on March 30, 1981.