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By Anupam V Kapil.
Copyright: January 2001


(I) The language of the hand-your mind,health and fate.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be able to read people’s thoughts.attitudes and state of mind by just having a casual look at the way a person holds his hands? No.We are not talking about body language ,but just about hand language.And do you think it is mystical to glean valuable information about a person while just shaking hands with him?Did you think it was difficult to know what kind of a person you are dealing with in business or relationships,his intellectual and financial make up?And whether your lover is true or just a social butterfly/cassanova? Not at all.We bring this special made easy series to demystify a lot of things which have long been considered mystical,intuitive or even superstitious. So let us first know a few lesser known facts about hand reading and how it works before plunging into discovering those hidden mysteries that are concealed and hidden in our hands.All I can intuitively see is --most of you shaking hands with a lot of people after reading this piece!!

How old is palmistry? There is no recorded evidence to suggest of how old this science is,but it is known that it was being practiced by the Greeks,Egyptians and the Hindus from time immemorial.Hispanus discovered a book on hands written in gold letters on an altar dedicated to Hermes and sent it to Alexander the Great as ‘’ a study worthy the attention of an elevated and inquiring mind”.Later it was studied by Aristotle,Pliny,Paracelsus,Albertus Magnus,Emperor Augustus and many others.This science was practiced in secrecy in middle ages due to fear from the Church and in India most of the secret knowledge was lost due to invading Muslim forces who destroyed majority of the literature.In modern times it was popularized by world famous palmist Count Louis Hamon popularly known as Cheiro. We all know however,that there is a ‘higher law’ than that of our own will which regulates events.The 7th phrase of Jacob answers the mystery,”God placed signs and marks on hands of all the sons of men that men might know their works.”

There were times when hypnotism was considered impossible by physicians ,and years later the same profession studies it,accepts it.For long,palmistry was pooh poohed and now medicos admit studying the shape of hands and nails as a branch calling forth the greatest attention.

Why are lines formed? A very popular fallacy is that lines are caused by work,in fact the reverse is true.Work covers the hand with a coarse layer of skin,whereas ladies who don’t work with hands have more lines on their hands.According to Cheiro lines in the palm were caused due to the action of a nervous fluid,more subtle than electricity,that runs from the brain to the fingers and palm,which contain more nerves than any other part of the human body.Lines are formed by brain cell acting through the blood vessels and nerves,and nature’s imprint is caused by workings of the subconscious mind which is a store-house of past,accumulated desires,impressions and actions(vasanas,sanskaras and karmas) of many previous births.

What all do hands reveal? Only the matters which are hereditary or are natural tendencies,or those things which have been developed in one and have created a profound impression upon one’s mind will be shown in the hand. The line of head is like the needle in the compass and the most important line in the hand.Dermatoglyphics is the name given to the empirical study of skin ridge patterns founds on palms and soles of the feet and is used to pre-diagonise latent and physical ill health.Some of palmistry’s greatest and most important applications are in areas of vocational,health and marriage guidance. Lines change with changes in the mental attitude of a person,when the changes are great enough to alter one’s temparament and characteristics.Lines respond to changes in health and constitution and so they are the direct reflex of one’s mind,and the mind produce,controls or alters them.The hand,by its direct communication with every portion of the brain,tells not only the qualities active,but those dormant,and those which will be developed.Science confirms that the sub-conscious brain exists.

Brains and health are absolutely necessary for success and therefore in studying hands it is most important to see how healthy,well balanced and brainy a person is.Each line has a story to tell.The heart line shows not only the strength and weaknesses of one’s affections but also the physical strength of the heart.The head line shows the physical strength of the brain and also one’s mental powers.The life line reveals one’s physical constitution and nervous energy.The fate line reflects the environment and course of life we follow,the Sun line reveals one’s creativity,fame,recognition and financial success.

Left hand or right hand? Medically it is a known fact that average humans use the left side of the brain ,and that nerves cross and go to the right side of the body-so the right hand shows the faculties in use and those in process of development.So the left shows the hereditary and inherited qualities and the right shows the developed talents or tendencies,or those which will develop.....

to be continued................................