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Anupam V Kapil

Anupam V Kapil, India’s celebrity AstroNumerologist, Penguin author, columnist, Times of India(daily forecasts) and Body Language expert. India’s most diversely qualified celebrity astro-numerologist, body language expert, Anupam V Kapil is Penguin Books, best selling author, Numerology Made Easy and expert in remedial Astrology, Astro vastu, palmistry and all form of future telling. He is the only phonetic numerologist in India and wrote the first Numerology column in India for Times of India between 2003 to 2009. A Popular columnist too, his daily astrology column in Times of India (all editions), for last 18 years, have made his forecasts the most well read column. A well known face on Indian television channels he has frequently appeared on AAJ TAK, IBN 7, INDIA TODAY, ZEE NEWS, NEWS 24, ZOOM, CNN, CNBC, IBN, ZEE News, INDIA TV, INDIA NEWS, ZOOM and also on RADIO MIRCHI, RADIO RED FM AND BIG FM.


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Annual Numerology Prediction 2023

Celebrity astro numerologist Anupam V Kapil tells you the trend of your life through your Annual Number for 2023

To know your annual number add your birth day+birth month +2023, if your birth day is 26 January, your personal number will be 7 (26+1+2023=2050=16)=7

What the world should expect in a 7 year? 2023 adds to Number 7, the Number of Negative Moon/Ketu, which represents research, investigation, isolation, mystic, intuition, meditation, In 2023, people will seek knowledge through meditation, yoga and research. Success is shown more through individual effort than through collaboration. Since two 2’s (Moon)appear in 2023, with 0 (Saturn), the vibrations of the masses/nations in general is that of aloofness. Universal vibration of 1.1.2023 adds to 7. For india, born in 15.8.1947 makes India Fate number 6 and destiny number 8 (sum of full date) and Annual year of india is 15+8+2023=2046= 21=3. India will advance in knowledge, phonetics, speech and writing technologies, apart from a massive leap in space and technology, Sectors which shall do well are travel, education, religious tourism and entertainment. Minor wars can’t be ruled out as 7 rules Ketu which is in India’s 7 th house and Ketu antara asha is on for India now. Those born on 7,16,25 and running their 25/34/43/52/61/70/79/88 th year will find it a most eventful year and may have special achievements, though unrest and change can easily creep in love relationships and financial situations, as well as name, place and power. But, to those who live understandingly and poised in this vibration of 7, there will come rest, peace and time tor meditation and self-development. It is well to remember that there is no use to begin any new thing in a 7 year. It is the Sunday of life.


Anupam's column

Your 2023 Annual moon sign forecast

Celebrity astro numerologist Anupam V Kapil reveals from your Moon sign how 2023 will be for your career, love and health.